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  • 12 x AAA / LR03 Varta Longlife Power 4903 (High Energy) batteries

12 x AAA / LR03 Varta Longlife Power 4903 (High Energy) batteries

  • Brand: Xtar
  • Product Code: 12aaavartalong
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  • BGN9.00лв.

Advanced Alkaline batteries LR03 AAA VARTA LONGLIFE POWER (type 4903).

The original product of one of the most respected battery manufacturers - VARTA.

LONGLIFE POWER batteries are a continuation of one of the highest series of VARTA - HIGH ENERGY alkaline batteries and are characterized by increased capacity and efficiency compared to standard alkaline batteries.

Batteries made in Germany - MADE IN GERMANY.


  • Type: AAA LR03;
  • very high capacity (approx. 1250mAh);
  • excellent electrical performance;
  • made in Germany;
  • the highest quality for high-power equipment;
  • 10% more energy thanks to Triple Energy Fusion Formula;
  • "Single Press Out" system with the possibility of removing individual batteries;
  • up to 10 % better than competing batteries;
  • new, up-to-the-box design;
  • packaging - blister 12pcs.

Varta High Energy batteries have been tested, and awarded with the prestigious "SEHR GUT" mark,in one of the popular German thematic magazines - guarantee of the highest quality.

A few words about VARTA

The German company VARTA is one of the leading battery manufacturers in the world.
This manufacturer offers high-quality alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and specialized batteries - including hearing aids.

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