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  • Alkaline battery Varta Industrial PRO LR03 AAA 4003

Alkaline battery Varta Industrial PRO LR03 AAA 4003

  • Brand: Xtar
  • Product Code: Vartaindaaa
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40x advanced LR03 AAA VARTA Industrial PRO alkaline batteries (type 4003) dedicated to professional/industrial applications.

The original product of one of the most respected battery manufacturers - varta company.

Varta's Industrial PRO series is nothing more than reinforced High Energy batteries dedicated to industrial/professional use.

One of the most powerful alkaline batteries on the market.

Low price guarantee- from the importer.

Batteries made in Germany - MADE IN GERMANY.

Batteries "fresh". With very long minimum use-by date - 2029


Type: AAA LR03;

very high capacity (approx. 1250mAh);

excellent electrical performance;

made in Germany;

highest quality for high power consumption equipment;

up to 10 % better than competing batteries;

new, up-to-the-box design;

packaging - cardboard 40pcs.

A few words about VARTA

The German company VARTA is one of the leading battery manufacturers in the world. It is part of the global Spectrum Brands group.

This manufacturer offers high-quality alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and specialized batteries - including hearing aids.

other designations: AAA / LR03 / LR3 / AM4 / E92

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