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  • 6 Panasonic Alkaline EVOLTA LR6 AA batteries

6 Panasonic Alkaline EVOLTA LR6 AA batteries

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Best before date: 2031

Panasonic Evolta alkaline batteries are the longest-running batteries in the world.

The batteries have an innovative design that provides record performance. Evolta uses Oxyride vacuum technology. The battery structure is changed to increase the amount of active material. The new production process reduces the thickness of the cup wall, but increases its rigidity. New materials for cathode and anode are used in battery construction to increase efficiency. New manganese dioxide and added titanium hydroxide bring out the full potential of the cathode.

Highly active zinc powder, thanks to a larger reactive surface (micro powder + more zinc particulate) combines high corrosion resistance with high reactivity. The batteries are ideal for use in low, medium and high power applications. All these features contribute to the fact that Panasonic Evolta is the longest-running AA alkaline battery recognized by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. Panasonic Evolta batteries - appreciate their reliability.

Evolta batteries achieved the best result in the independent BAE test in 2010.

Batteries made in Belgium

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