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Battery charger R03 / AAA and R6 / AA Li-ion 1.5V / NiMH Xtar BC4

  • Brand: Xtar
  • Product Code: Xtarcharg
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  • BGN38.00лв.

Professional, four-channel, compact processor charger
Xtar BC4 for 1.5V and NiMH Li-ion batteries

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Key features

  • processor-controlled Li-ion cell charging process: CC/CV
  • NiMH charging method: 0△V and -△V
  • four independent charging channels
  • powered by any USB charger (2A recommended)
  • compact size - easy to carry
  • protection: short-circuit, thermal, against reverse polarity
  • built-in LED, thanks to which we can make a handy flashlight from BC4
  • power bank function
Xtar is a renowned manufacturer of high quality Li-ion chargers, flashlights and Li-ion batteries. Xtar products are sold in more than 120 countries, including min. Germany, Japan and Russia. For the production of chargers Xtar uses the highest quality materials - from plastic housing to efficient electronics. All Xtar chargers are CE certified in European markets.

The Xtar BC4 charger has an advanced processor that is able to distinguish the type of battery installed in it. Thanks to this, in any charger slot we can charge any 1.5V or Ni-Mh Li-ion battery. A refined charging algorithm will ensure that the battery is always fully charged and in an optimal, chemical-safe way.

The BC4 is equipped with a white LED, so you can use the charger as a handheld flashlight when needed. To use this function, the charger must have batteries. Starting flashlight mode in BC4 is easy - just hold down the button on the side of the charger for 2s!

The compact size and magnetic cover of the charging chamber are 2 quite important advantages of the BC4 charger. Thanks to the combination of these 2 things, we get a mobile charger with the function of a powerbank and a flashlight. In addition, a string is also included, which will make it easier to carry.

The Xtar BC4 charger can also be used as a powerbank. It has a USB 5V 2A output, which is able to fail over any smartphone device, MP player, etc. The y of the powerbank depends on the cells in it. Importantly, the USB output function can be used even with alkaline batteries. Ni-MH / Li-ion 1.5V batteries are recommended.

In powerbank (discharge) mode, it is best to use batteries / batteries of the same manufacturer / capacity and charge status.

Like any Xtara charger, the BC4 is protected in every way possible. The most important safeguards it has are:

  • short-circuit
  • Thermal
  • from overcharge
  • overcurrent
  • against reverse polarity

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